aka "The RFS Digital Traffic Mastery Package"
Dr. Rory F. Stern, PsyD
Founder, RFS Digital Media
The INSANE OFFER Package includes everything I know about writing compliant ad copy. 

EVERYTHING. (And a lot more.)

I’ve realized I won't have a chance to run ads for all the businesses and entrepreneurs I want...

     (After all, my motto is, "I just wanna run ads".)

But the reality is, we can only serve a small group of qualified clients.

But I can still help a lot more people.

And to do so, I've put together an absolutely INSANE package.

I'm going to take all the training, presentations, and consulting I've done over the years and put it down for others to tap into.

I'm gonna do it live, and make it interactive for a small group of people.

It's not 1 training. 
It's not 1 course. 
It's not 1 thing.

It's literally everything I have in my head, and everything you can do to suggest topics, and extract knowledge from my brain.

At an absolutely STUPID price.

Why? Because we're still finishing up the salesletter.

As soon as the salesletter is done, this insanely low price is GONE.

So grab it now while you can.

Rory is the Real Deal...

"Rory is the real deal. If you need someone who not only knows what to do in good times but also in bad times, Rory is your man. He knows how to climb the mountains and put out the fires."

Justin Brooke
Media Buyer Extraordinaire
Founder, AdSkills
Here's What You're Getting With the
RFS Digital Traffic Training Package:

FULL COURSE: Cold Traffic Secrets: How To Position Your Existing Offer To Generate Leads & Customers And Scale Profitably ($1497 Value)

Lessons Learned From Spending $10 Million Dollars In Ad Spend In 2018 ($427)

Tracking & Analytics Reporting We Can All Understand - AKA, How To Make Sure Your Results Are True

My First Campaign: In-Depth Strategy We Use To Launch Brand New Campaigns On Shoe-String Budgets ($297)

Facebook Ads Manager Crash Course: See How We Use Ads Manager & The Exact Settings We Use To Scale Campaigns Profitably

If This, Then What Ad Training: Get Access To Our 75 Page SOP Guide That Details Exactly What To Do In Every Situation With Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

FULL COURSE: How To Write Compliant & Compelling Ad Copy That Converts Prospects To Raving Fans & Rabid Customers ($997 Value)

Facebook State Of The Union Address On What's Working Right Now (Value = $997)

WEEKLY OFFICE HOURS: Join me every week for a 1-hour (minimum) no holds barred AMA // Q&A on Facebook paid traffic

MEMBERSHIP: Weekly Ad Intelligence Reports. We'll show you the best and worst ads we come across - along with a full funnel breakdown as we purchase through the funnel.

BONUS: Facebook group with access to me and my team to address your paid traffic and optimization questions.

BONUS: Swipe Files: Get Access To Our Growing (LIVE) Swipe File Of Our Favorite Ads, Ad Copy, & Headlines...

IMPORTANT: The live calls and group are happening now, these training programs will made available to you in the very near future. Some of them are outlined. Some of them are loose concepts in my head, and some of these are topics I want YOUR input on so that the information is useful to you. I am going to put together training outlines, and YOU will be able to influence the direction of the training. This is and can be a CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE!
"Hey Rory, I have a friend looking to change agencies. Asked me for a reference and you’re the best I know. He’s into [niche] so definitely need a guy that knows the boundaries perfectly and I couldn’t think of a more ethical firm than yours."

David F.
Serial Entrepreneur
(Future Price Will be at Least $2500 + $199/Mo)
But if you act now you won't pay anywhere near that... plus, you get lifetime access for an insane price...
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